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I took my 1997 Mitsubishi and they did a PERFECT job!!!! I would go to Tint City to get my tint done but never again will i go to Tint City!!! this place is a little bit more expensive but i would like to use the phrase "you get for what you pay for" this All Shade Window tinting really did a great job!! i would HIGHLY recommend it to EVERYONE.

Edgar Franco
February 10, 2013

This is not the cheapest window tinting you can get but it is worth it. It has been about 3 weeks since I had my Mustang's windows tinted. It looks FANTASTIC and the heat inside is noticeably lessened.

The owner took the time to explain the different tinting grades and show me the various shades of darkness by pointing out examples in the parking lot. I was able to choose exactly what I wanted with no pressure to purchase the most expensive option.

Perhaps the best commendation is that I am planning to bring my husband's Mini in to have the same treatment.

Marie Jordan
January 15, 2013

Based on the reviews, I drove the 2 hours from 29 Palms to Ontario to have my windows tinted in my 2013 Mustang. The owner took the time to explain the different shades, and what benefits they offer, pointed out examples in the parking lot, and helped me decide on the best tint for what I was looking for. I was immediately impressed with the results, and the windows still look awesome two weeks later.

Don't be lured in by cheap tinting close to base. Yes it was a little more pricey than some places (it was 250 for fronts, quarter windows, and rear window), but its going to last. Even better, it comes with a 3m warranty, so if it starts to bubble for whatever reason, just take it back to any 3m window tinting service center and they'll fix it. I doubt any local places would do that. I'll definitely be recommending All Shade to anyone looking to get tints done.

David Murray
January 01, 2013

Tracy knows what he carrys and is really straight forward with you on which tint is good quality or not. My friend and I brought in our cars and he quoted us on the spot and also I had a few tint shops in mind but most of their reviews were no good, Tracy's was far off the best one. Of course the average price for tint is about $150 but those end up fading a few years. Why not pay for something a little more with better quality that will not fade or has a warranty for fading. Anyways he has different kinds of films for quality and they will be able to satisfy your needs.

Anyways he did a good job on my brand new 2012 VW GLI. I'm really satisfied with his work. and also, you can WATCH him put the tint on your car (since I like watching mechanics/technicians work on my car) Not that much tinters allow you to watch them.

FYI Tint in the FRONT window is illegal in California and you can get pulled over for it, but who cares, I still tinted mine and Tracy offers insurance for his tint, IF you get pulled over and get a ticket, just bring your car to him and he will take it off, and after you get your ticket signed off, he will put the tint back on! Thats a major plus!

AJ Mariano
December 29, 2012

Awesome job every time. I have brought numerous cars here and had one cars tint pulled off and re done... they are not the cheapest but, they are the best and they do top notch quality work and they use only 3M film. I will bring every car i get and every person i recommend will be to here!.

Jw D.
December 08, 2012

I have been taking my cars to All Shade for 6 years now. I'm on my third car with them and going to take in my fourth soon. It's true they may not be the cheapest in town but you will be hard pressed to match their quality. Once you factor that they 3M film dealer - which is absolute must for me because my car is my office - and their years of experience, it makes their shop unrivaled. The absolute reduction of heat inside my black on black leather car is unmistakable. It's due to the 3M film it's worth every penny. Again the workmanship is flawless and I receive a lot of compliments on my car simply because of the tint. I didn't add it for the looks but it's an added bonus. The owner is honest, respectful and is willing to educate you about his product. You won't feel that you have just been ripped off because you were talked into something you didn't want. If you are looking for cheap shop to give you a down and dirty price, then go elsewhere. Now if you are looking for a quality job that is guaranteed for a fair price, then don't think twice and take your car to All Shade Window Tinting.

Steve R.
October 10, 2012

I visited All Shade Few days ago... While the prices might not be the best-the work is top notch. I've had windows tinted at other places and usually have to deal with sloppy work but this guys know what there doing. Had my car done in about a hour and it look great.

Mario P.
August 20, 2012

Tracy is very and good quality.had to go back for a small bubble and he replaced the window tint in 15 mins no? ? Asked.

Jack Curp
June 13, 2012

I had my tint removed and replaced by All Shade, and couldn't speak higher about their quality and service. Very quick installation. Highly recommend. No pressure and answers all your questions.

Jared G.
February 03, 2012

Great product and service. I called on a Saturday and even though Tracey was very busy, he said he would get me in. Took the time to explain the benefits of all products. Prices were very reasonable. Job was completed 1 hour sooner that he originally estimated. Job well done. Going back for the clear bra..

Steven Burgoon
January 18, 2012

I am super pleased with the 3m crystaline film installed on my 1996 buick roadmaster sw by jamal. jmal has a great work ethic and he is a true professional installer of window films.i had to travel 32 miless from home to his location in corona and he worked non stop from start to finish (about 5hrs)to make sure i would get to head back to the house at a decent time.i think i paid a little xtra but it was money well spent since i could not any flaws in the install.i would go so far as to call it "perfect"! you might find a cheaper shop, but jmal takes the time to do the job right,he is definitely working on a volume of cars basis.

Carl Erickson
April 22, 2011

Great work! I've had 3 different vehicles tinted at your shop and received excellent service each time. Very friendly and thorough with explaining the variety of products. Thanks!

Mike Betz
May 22, 2011

Was very impressed with everything from the quote to the drop off and workmanship on the tint on my 2007 CLS 6.3 AMG.the honesty of Ashton was very much appreciated, if your looking for a great place you can TRUST this IS THE ONE! Thanks to Ashton and his crew.

Steve Seguancia
May 29, 2011

 I am a repeat customer,Jahmal did my 2004 colorado,7 years ago & my 2009 cobalt in May 2011,what a totally professional job,I HIGHLY recommend ALL SHADE to anybody in the market for this service,professional job,low cost pricing,you don"t find friendly,curteous service like this anymore.

Thanks for all you did Jahmal

John & Marilyn, Corona, ca.

June 6, 2011

Great product and service. I called on a Saturday and even though Tracey was very busy, he said he would get me in. Took the time to explain the benefits of all products. Prices were very reasonable. Job was completed 1 hour sooner that he originally estimated. Job well done. Going back for the clear bra.

Jul 9, 2011

Brought my car in I was taken care of as soon as i got there...thw work came out gret and staff was a pleasure to work with. I will be back with my next car for sure.

Jun 11, 2011

Owner Tracy know his 3M products and tinting any vehicle. He has been in business over 20 years. Lots of business comes and goes but not All Shade Glass Tinting. It is a must to get your vehicle windows tinted here. GREAT JOB! Thank you Tracy and your Crew! :)

Limo Tint Lexus IS 250
May 14, 2011

I came out to the shop and Tracey took care of my tint real fast. Tracey and his crew perfomred the best 3M window tinting in the Neighboorhood. I am avery satisfied customer... I Highly recomend him.

May 4, 2011

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! great service and an amazing tint job that truely lasts! i had my toyota yaris 2008 tinted and i got exactly what i wanted in under an hour and it looked fantastic! no purple tint!

yegaboom ‎
Apr 29, 2011

Great quality, great service, this place has it all! They tinted my 2007 Toyota Yaris and the staff was really good. The tint looks great, and it was surprising because they only took like 30 minutes. Everything looks good! Definitely recommended!

Mar 11, 2011

THAT LASTS, HIGHLY RECOMEND They tinted my 2004 Honda Accord when it was new and it still looks like it did the day I hade it done. One friend went somewher else that was cheeper, his is purple now. I brought my new Honda in and they did the 3M tint again. Another excellant job. It was nice to see the same people again to. Still recomend to all my friends.

Jay man
Mar 3, 2011

Excellent quality with professional service. Super clean workmanship. I definitely plan on bringing in my other cars to All Shade!

Feb 28, 2011

Awesome tint job! I had my windows done on my new Charger with the 3M film along with visor and the feedback from people is incredible! Not one blemish or scratch and the service was excellent. I couldn't be more pleased. If you want the best then it's worth the little extra. I highly recommend.

Feb 25, 2011


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